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When the burden of debt leads you to feel like you are losing control of your finances and life, it is time to consider filing a bankruptcy case. Whether your creditors have begun garnishing your wages or you have just come to the realization that you can no longer pay all of your creditors each month, it is time to explore your options.

There are many reasons people face financial hardship, including job loss, medical issues, reduction in wages and increased expenses. Whatever the reason, when you can no longer pay your debts and feel like you are close to your breaking point, you may benefit from filing a bankruptcy case. Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop creditors from harassing you by telephone, suing you, placing liens on your property, and garnishing your wages.

Bankruptcy laws were created to provide people who find themselves in financial trouble the opportunity for a fresh start. Filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy generally results in the discharge of most, and sometimes all, of your debts so that no further collections action can ever be taken against you.

We encourage you to call or email our office if you have questions that are not addressed under FAQ. We will be happy to take a few minutes to answer the questions we can or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation and bankruptcy options.